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Sr. Assembly Equipment Engineer

Taichung city, TXQ, TW

Relocation Level: No 

Hiring Manager: Clement HUANG 

Recruiter: Easy HUANG 

MTB Assembly Equipment Engineering


Job Description

As a MTB Assembly Equipment Engineer, you will be responsible for evaluating and improving manufacturing processes, materials and equipment, coordinate equipment/material procurement and qualify and implement new process, equipment and materials. You will also coordinate training requirements and conduct training. For engineering supervisor, you will manage, develop and provide feedback on employee performance as well as allocate staffing and monitor staff. For technical member, your responsibility will include performing technical duties.



Responsibilities and Tasks


Evaluate and Improve Assigned Assembly Manufacturing Processes, Materials, and/or Equipment


·  Maintain General process knowledge


·  Maintain Equipment knowledge as it relates to the process


·  Maintain Materials knowledge as it relates to the process


·  Optimize process and/or equipment variables


·  Identify all process variables


·  Understand DOE/FMEA/OCAP/8D/SPC/Repair/PM (preventive) techniques


·  Perform containment of process and equipment deviations


·  Determine root cause


·  Implement corrective action


·  Design equipment components (Improve equipment capability by exploring new ideas/concepts and implement on equipment).


·  Maintain knowledge of equipment and materials and how they interact


Evaluate Future Process, Equipment and/or Material Technologies


·  Evaluate pertinent technology and engineering advancements relating to equipment, materials and processes


·  Locate and research technical information on equipment, materials, and/or processes in journals, literature, web, etc.


·  Build and maintain effective relationships with suppliers


·  Identify supplier’s materials or equipment design and production processes


·  Create decision matrix for equipment and material selection


·  Evaluate new tooling material for cost saving effort.


Coordinate Equipment and/or Material Procurement


·  Maintain knowledge of process, equipment, and material requirements


·  Follow equipment safety requirements


·  Define quality and performance requirements


·  Maintain knowledge of procurement document requirements and format


·  Follow Micron Capital Equipment Procedures (MICAP)


·  Maintain working knowledge of Assembly’s equipment installation procedures


·  Set up required inventories for start up (tools, spare parts, materials).


·  Maintain knowledge SAP MATREQ (Materials Requisition) program to look up and order spare parts


·  Maintain knowledge of equipment tracking programs: ETI (Equipment Tracking Interface), ETReports, ETMaint.


·  Take lead and coordinate projects, ensuring meeting timeline/production ramp


Qualify New Process, Equipment and/or Material


·  Maintain knowledge of quality systems


·  Maintain knowledge of Assembly’s qualification procedures


·  Maintian knowledge of Quality and Reliability Assurance (QRA).


Implement New Process, Equipment and/or Material


·  Define and maintain operation, maintenance, and energy isolation procedures


·  Review current procedures on an on-going basis


·  Maintain knowledge of Assembly On-Line Document System (AODS)


·  Maintain knowledge of change communication procedures: ECN (Engineering Change Notice), Inbox, emails


·  Assess material/tool requirements and projections


·  Maintain knowledge of material attributes (shelf life, storage requirements, etc.)


·  Ensure materials compatibility with equipment and parameters


·  Coordinate materials purchasing requirements


·  Define safety stock and re-order quantities


·  Maintain knowledge of supplier’s constraints


·  Maintain knowledge of new chemical/material approval process and MICIS (Micron Chemical Information Systems)


Coordinate Training Requirements and Conduct Training


·  Develop, or coordinate development of, training materials for existing equipment


·  Coordinate and conduct technical training with Engineering and Equipment Support (EES) group


·  Conduct training for production trainers


·  Train and mentor others


Contribute to a Safe and Compliant Work Environment


·  Identify and promptly report hazards


·  Follow safety procedures and area work rules (including use of proper PPE, energy isolation, and chemical safety)


·  Establish SWP and Hazard Analysis for maintenance activities


·  Operate and maintain equipment and tools within manufacturer and company guidelines


·  Use proper lifting techniques and work in an ergonomically correct manner


Manage, Develop, and Provide Feedback on Employee Performance (for Engineering Supervisor only)


·  Review job profile with each technician to individually clarify supervisor and department expectations, responsibilities, and goals. Discuss with the technician how their performance will be measured


·  Observe and document behaviors and performance on a continuous basis. Document both good and bad performance


·  Address performance and behavioral issues consistently and document issues on a Data Sheet and/or Corrective Action form


·  Use available resources to gather feedback (e.g. leads, trainers, other supervisors, engineers, and other technicians). Review previous performance reviews and emails


·  Determine level of employee effectiveness by comparing performance with the expectations in the job profile


·  Give feedback in an organized respectful manner. Note what has been observed, why it is important, and what needs to happen. Ask questions to ensure the receiver fully understands the feedback given


·  Maintain employee files that are organized and current. Include hard copies of signed documentation and attendance records


·  Develop realistic performance and career goals to meet the technician’s career plans


·  Discuss specific competencies that need to be developed, and create an action plan and goals to address specific competencies that need improved


·  Set target dates for improvement goals, then follow up with employee on a regular basis


·  Be a coach and mentor. Provide the support needed to close performance gaps. For example, provide time for on-the-job training and classes


Allocate Staffing and Monitor Staff (for Engineering Supervisor only)


·  Determine the number of technicians that are required to meet production goals


·  Identify group resources, capabilities, and constraints and allocate resources appropriately


·  Ensure time is used productively


·  Build spare parts safety stock to shorten machine malfunction time


·  Select team members by following the appropriate department and company hiring guidelines


·  Provide developmental feedback when a candidate is not selected



Perform technical duties (for Technical Member)


·  Provide technical leadership on production/equipment technology


·  Handles moderately complex , important engineering projects


·  Develop in-depth understanding and knowledge on related field


·  Conduct feasibility studies on new product packaging method and techniques to meet current and future requirement


At least 2+ year experience is preferred.


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