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Assembly CR1 Process Engineering Assistant

Singapore, 01, SG

Job Description

As an Assembly Process Engineering Assistant at MSB, you will be primarily responsible for supporting daily line operational matters which includes material disposition, root cause investigation and yield tracking, setting up and updating operational procedure and specifications, as well as conducting training to Operations employees.

Additional responsibilities include supporting qualification lots and customer samples, performing engineering evaluations and data collection as well as working on other projects as assigned. 


Responsibilities and Tasks

Evaluate and Improve Assigned Assembly Manufacturing Processes, Materials, and/or Equipment 

  • Identify, investigate, and document quality deviations
  • Troubleshoot deviations using systematic troubleshooting techniques
  • Ensure corrective action was taken to prevent reoccurrence of deviation
  • Troubleshoot process problems and determine the best course of action
  • Make process adjustments (adjust parameters to optimize quality and OPE)
  • Assist engineer with process developments
  • Verify correct process variables for production (i.e. materials, machine set points, etc.)
  • Monitor Process SPC and Cpk (Processs Capability)

Support in development/improvement of Process, Equipment and/or Material 

  • Assist Engineer in conducting experiments (DOE)
  • Understand factors that impact process quality and propose solutions
  • Understand process limits and capabilities (CPK) and support process improvement evaluations

Assist in implementation of New Process and Process Changes to Operation 

  • Assist Engineer in maintaining operation procedures/specification
  • Assist Engineer in Maintaining Assembly On-Line Document System (AODS) and change communication procedures: ECN (Engineering Change Notice)
  • Familiarize with Assembly qualification procedures
  • Maintain knowledge of material attributes (shelf life, storage requirements, etc.)
  • Coordinate and conduct training/briefing for operational personnel, i.e. PEM tech, Mfg POs, etc. on product/process requirement, machine and operation procedures
  • Communicate lesson learnt and training to operation personnel, i.e. PEM tech, Mfg POs, etc. on issues and corrective actions

Evaluate/Qualify New Device, Equipment and/or Material 

  • Support new device FUT, qualification builds
  • Support new equipment evaluation and qualification builds
  • Support new material (direct or indirect) evaluation and qualification builds

Req. ID: 180281 

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