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Shenzhen, 44, CN

Relocation Level: No 

Hiring Manager: Michelle LU 

Recruiter: JEFFERY CHU 




Managed NAND(eMMC/UFS)产品的客退分析中的失效芯片提供FA支持,主要包括FA前sample准备和封装方面的PFA支持。也可能包括EFA支持、ATE机台的操作、FA报告方面的支持等。




  • 微电子、电子工程及相关专业,大专及以上
  • 熟悉FA 前芯片的准备(Lapping/Reball/mount/demount)
  • 具备良好的沟通技巧,有良好的团队精神
  • 能够接受有时不在固定的工作地点,需要和供应商、外包FA house合作,将工作完成。
  • 熟悉封装相关的PFA设备和方法(SPA/x-ray/CSAM),有和其他FA设备供应商合作的经验为佳
  • EFA经验者为佳


Company:  Micron

Job Title: Quality and Reliability Technician

Location: Shenzhen Futian


Job description

Be responsible for providing FA support during developing, validating, sustaining and continuously improving Managed NAND (eMMC/UFS) product reliability and quality.  FA support here includes FA sample preparation and package FA support and may also include EFA, performing ATE testing and FA report support.

Work with external vendors to enable new purchased FA tool and to qualify certain PFA function at outsourcing vendors.



  • Electronic engineering, Microelectronics or related field background with College degree or above.
  • With >2 years PFA experience.
  • Familiar with IC sample preparation (Lapping/Reball/mount/demount).
  • Good teamwork and communication skills are must.
  • Can accept offsite work to work with outsourcing companies to get relevant job done.
  • Familiar with package level PFA tools and methods (SPA/x-ray/CSAM) and with experience with new FA tool purchasing and enablement is a plus.
  • EFA experience is a plus.

Job description

Be responsible for developing, validating, sustaining and continuously improving Managed NAND (eMMC/UFS) product reliability and quality. Make sure all the materials which will be shipped to customer with good quality & reliability level through the qualification test during New Product Introduction phase. Analyze customer returns and timely provide customer reports. Be responsible for highlighting and feedback the issues found in qualification/customer returns to upstream stakeholders and coordinate the team to get the resolution of the issue. Daily work includes:

? Work with multiple & international team to complete assigned projects within PDT (product development team) required time.

? During New Product Introduction phase, be responsible for memory product qualification.

? During Mass production phase, be responsible for managing customer returns including analyzing failures, generating customer reports and answering customer questions.

? He/She needs to run electrical analysis on any failures in order to understand the root cause of any issues and coordinate with stakeholders for issue resolution, in order to improve Micron memory quality level before and after high volume manufacturing.


Managed NAND(eMMC/UFS)产品的质量验证、失效分析、持续改进。

? 根据产品开发部的需求,和国内外团队合作完成所需项目。

? 在新产品引入阶段,负责质量验证。

? 在量产阶段,负责对客户退回失效产品的分析、提供报告、回答客户相关问题。

? 通过对质量验证测试或者客户退回失效产品进行分析,清楚理解问题原因并协调各关键部门找到解决方案以确保产品的质量控制。




? Electronic engineering, Microelectronics or related field background with BS or MS degree

? Fluent English in both verbal and written

? Ability to analyze problems, diagnose root cause, and apply corrective actions is required

? Familiar with semiconductor device physics, reliability physics and modern CMOS fabrication process is preferred

? Have rich knowledge on NOR/NAND/RAM is a plus

? Scripting experience is a plus

? Good teamwork and communication skills are must

? Willing to take short international travel


? 微电子、电子工程及相关专业,本科及以上

? 具备流利的英语听说写能力

? 具备良好的逻辑思维,有分析问题,解决问题的能力

? 具备半导体器件物理,可靠性物理和CMOS 工艺知识

? 有丰富NOR/NAND/RAM相关知识者为佳

? 具有编程能力者为佳

? 具备良好的沟通技巧,有良好的团队精神

? 能够接受短期出差工作


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