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IT Data Engineer - DevOPS (Taichung or Taipei)

Date: Dec 5, 2017

Location: Taichung, TXQ, TW

Company: Micron


Req. ID: 85834 

Do you believe that data provides game-changing insight? Do you see data as an asset that creates a competitive advantage? Great…so do we.

Micron Technology operates in a highly competitive industry where innovation depends on talented minds extracting fresh insights from an ever-expanding data universe. As you already know, this can only happen when quality data is available at the right time and in the right format. Our expert team of data engineers is dedicated to making this happen. We operate in a diverse, collaborative environment where problem solving is a team sport and creative solutions are recognized and rewarded. Does this sound like the right team for you? Good news. We’re hiring!


Job Description

As a Data Engineer-DevOPS at Micron Technology Inc., you will be a key member of a cross-functional team responsible for developing and growing Micron’s methods and systems for extracting new insight for our expanding data streams. You will be collaborating with Data Scientists, Engineers, Technicians and Data Mining teams to design and implement systems to extract data from Micron’s business systems, transforming it into an actionable format, and as needed, creating dynamic presentation layers for use by high-level engineers and managers throughout the company. You will be creating new solutions, as well as, supporting, configuring, and enhancing existing solutions. You will be a key member of a DevOps team responsible for bridging gaps and bringing efficiencies to both solutions and operations space.


Responsibilities and Tasks

Understand the Business Problem and the Data that is Relevant to the Problem
• Maintain an intimate understanding of company and department strategy
• Translate analysis requirements into data requirements
• Identify and understand the data sources that are relevant to the business problem
• Develop conceptual models that capture the relationships within the data
• Define the data-quality objectives for the solution
• Be a subject matter expert in data sources and reporting options


Architect Data Management Systems
• Leverage understanding of the business problem and the nature of the data to select appropriate data management system (Big Data, OLTP, OLAP, etc.)
• Design and implement optimum data structures in the appropriate data management system (Hadoop, Teradata, SQL Server, etc.) to satisfy the data requirements
• Plan methods for archiving/deletion of information


Develop, Automate, and Orchestrate an Ecosystem of ETL Processes that is Fast and Reliable for Varying Volumes of Data
• Identify and select the optimum methods of access for each data source (real-time/streaming, delayed, static)
• Determine transformation requirements and develop processes to bring structured and unstructured data from the source to a new physical data model
• Develop processes to efficiently load the transform data into the data management system


Prepare Data to Meet Analysis Requirements
• Work with the Data Scientist to implement strategies for cleaning and preparing data for analysis (e.g., outliers, missing data, etc.)
• Develop and code data extracts
• Follow best practices to ensure data quality and data integrity
• Ensure that the data is fit to use for data science applications


Strong Focus on Enablement of DevOps and ALM/CI initiatives
• Act as a liaison between multiple Development and Operations team
• Participate directly in Solution Development Teams to plan and develop new product deployments, advocate solutions for systems architecture and proactively detect areas for improvement
• Accelerate existing projects and contribute to the planning and executing of future projects related to solution development and operations
• Identify opportunities and contribute ideas for automation and work closely with enablement teams on how to continuously improve speed and quality of solutions
• Identify, define and document structured work. Close gaps on training for the operations support teams
• Lead and perform reviews to ensure the solutions are robust and resilient
• Enable quality assurance and ensure the planned solutions are meeting ALM/CI requirements
• Explore and rapidly adopt new technologies in the ALM/CI space


• Ability to work with multiple operating systems (e.g., MS Office, Unix, Linux, etc.)   
• Some experience with Microsoft BI Tools (MDX, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, SharePoint)    
• Understanding of how distributed systems work  
• Familiarity with software architecture (data structures, data schemas, etc.)  
• Strong working knowledge of databases (Oracle, MSSQL, etc.) including SQL and NoSQL         
• Strong analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills     
• Strong math skills    
• Experience in group presentation and public speaking             
• Enthusiastic and positive attitude that anything is possible    
• Self-motivated and team oriented
• Excellent oral, written, and technical communication skills and a solid command of the English language, TOEIC 650 or equivalent is preferred.
• 2+ years' experience of the following:
• One or more high-level client, object-oriented language (e.g., C#, C++, JAVA, Python, Perl, etc.)
• One or more web programming language (PHP, MySQL, Python, Perl, JavaScript, ASP, etc.)
• One or more Data Extraction Tools (SSIS, Informatica etc.)
• Know as many as possible of skills in One of the areas:
• MFG Solution delivery(3 open positions): the targeted skillsets are Hadoop (Hive, map reduce, pig, spark etc.), Teradata, SQL, pl/sql, NiFi, Tableau
• Business Solution delivery(1 open position): the targeted skillsets are SAP BW, HANA, MS SQL, PL/SQL, Tableau, ABAP


We want to hire 3 engineers in Taichung, one 1 Taipei



Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Mathematics, or a related field of study; Masters' Degree is desired but not required






人事部門之雇用平權承辦人負責本政策之執行、解答任何相關問題及查核員工遵守政策之成效狀況。申請過程中如需要協助,請聯繫美光人力資源部 04-25218177。』

Jobseekers are not required to pay fees, deposits or incur debt as part of the recruitment process or for employment with Micron.

Micron全球人力培訓主要目標是 - 確保每個成員都能夠獲得展現高績效成果所需要的學習資源。Micron提倡標準化的訓練架構,以便根據團隊成員的職位、工作職能、工作角色和執行的特定工作來識別必要和相關的訓練。Micron 的主要訓練架構:
1. 美光核心職能訓練:包含與法規遵循相關且適用於所有 Micron成員的訓練活動。
2. 地區性/廠區核心要求:包含與法規遵循相關、適用於特定地區或廠區之所有成員的訓練活動。
3. 部門核心職能訓練:包含適用於特定部門內所有成員,包含與安全有關以及單位內訓練活動。
4. 特定工作角色的特定訓練:如領導力訓練、接班人計畫。
5. 除了一般的訓練方法,美光也利用多元的學習方式來達到人力發展目標,如:自我學習方案、工作輪調、專案參與等。

1. 固定薪資12個月, 2個月的年終獎金 
2. 工程師職位薪資:
3. 績效獎金(IPP):按公司營運績效及組織目標成效給與。
4. 績優獎金(PBP):頒給年度績效優異之員工。
5. 即時獎勵(Spot Bonus/Micron Point):發給工作表現卓越之員工。
6. 久任獎勵(Service Award):服務每滿五年之員工,可獲頒特別贈品。
7. 勞工退休金美光提撥率:8%。
8. 新進員工到職第一年即享有年假10天(依到職比例),優於勞基法規定之特別休假。
9. 全薪病假80小時;政府紀念不放假之紀念日給予特別休假,讓同仁有更多的假期安排。
10. 員工勞、健保外之免費團體保險(含壽險、意外、健康醫療團體保險)。
11. 提供員工配偶及子女免費健康醫療團體保險。

1. 無歧視、重平等,提供優質舒適的工作環境。
2. 體貼懷孕同仁提供專屬無塵衣、置物櫃、停車位、哺乳室、育兒知識公佈欄、媽媽信箱等協助設施。
3. 多元減壓與娛樂設施,如:KTV室、韻律教室、撞球、桌球、健身房、投籃機、閱覽室及多功能戶外球場等。
4. 豐富化餐點及餐費補助,如:自助餐、麵食、特色餐、蔬食餐、沙拉餐、水果餐等選擇。
5. 享有員工優惠的連鎖便利商店7-11、coffee shop、麵包坊等。
6. 設施多樣、舒適的員工宿舍,照顧遠地員工住宿問題。直接人員免費交通車(苗栗/台中地區)。
7. 提供便利的汽、機車室內停車場,並設置重機專屬停車區。
8. 銀行與保險專業人員定期駐廠,提供理財及保險服務並設有ATM室。

1. 關心員工健康,提供免費年度健康檢查及各類健康促進活動為員工健康把關。
2. 中、西醫醫生駐診及專業護理師,貼心提供相關協助。
3. 多樣化的社團活動、家庭日、中秋晚會等,提供多采多姿的活動。
4. 種類豐富的特約商店,讓員工享有購物、美食等消費折扣優惠。
5. 引進優質廠商駐廠展售商品,提供工作休息中的購物便利。

We recruit, hire, train, promote, discipline and provide other conditions of employment without regard to a person's race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, pregnancy, veteran’s status, or other classifications protected under law.  This includes providing reasonable accommodation for team members' disabilities or religious beliefs and practices.

Each manager, supervisor and team member is responsible for carrying out this policy. The EEO Administrator in Human Resources is responsible for administration of this policy. The administrator will monitor compliance and is available to answer any questions on EEO matters.

To request assistance with the application process, please contact Micron’s Human Resources Department at 1-800-336-8918 (or 208-368-4748).

Keywords:  Taichung || Taichung (TW-TXQ) || Taiwan (TW) || Frontend Manufacturing || Experienced || Regular || Information Systems and Technology || Not Applicable ||

Job Segment: Database, Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Technology, Engineering